As a result of the international Congress of December 2012 in Mexico, Merida, new doorways have opened. Beautiful links with the different universes have enabled beautiful resonances and accords.

And a “Higher Design” has decided to pave the way for another meeting with the 3 Mothers in Cuenca, Ecuador in November 2013.

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New cosmic signatures took place, thus awakening memories of Maya solar wisdom, of the Incas and of our relationship with other dimensions. A n immense inter-galactic network accompanied us during this meeting.
After sharing the quality of the Mother-resonance so deeply, we felt we had to activate this extraordinary asset in France. The hidden and esoteric meaning of this country is it not to “ release the Light” ?

What do Myriam and ShaktiMa offer ?

Being both connected to different worlds, in communion with the Shakti, united in eternity and at the service of humanity, like two sisters, they offer us a cosmic challenge in order to resonate and manifest on Earth this maternal presence which fills our essential needs by the communion between different universes and humanity : the Mother- Consciousnes in action, supported by the Hierarchies of Melchizedeck, Babaji, Shiva and the Lords of Fire, such as Oberto Airaudi (Falco).
Furthermore, in 2014 Sirius and the Galactic Centre will be realigned . It is becoming urgent to communicate and share the meaning of this energy, which the action of the Spirit Father-Mother in the Matter, has made conscious and sacred, through an unalterable fabric, which unifies all the different universes.

A non-mental resonance between ShaktiMa and Myriam reveals this Mother-Beauty which we experienced as a transcendent magic.
ShaktiMa, by her filiation with the Avatar Babaji and the strength of Shiva.
Myriam, in the continuity of the supra-mental work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother , thanks to her cellular and atomic Consciousness and to the Order of Melchizedeck , creates new fabrics to connect the Earth to other dimensions.